Mental Performance Coaching is the pychology of sport and competition... 

"Applied sport psychology is the study and application of psychological principles of human performance in helping athletes consistently perform in the upper range of their capabilities and more thoroughly enjoy the sport performance process."

That all being said, I do not have a Ph.D. and am therefore not a Psychologist. It is beyond my professional scope of practice to offer clinical therapy to my clients, but well within my scope to aid in the improvement of mental toughness and performance. So don't think of me as a "therapist", but as a coach for your competitive mind.

Think of mental performance coaching (and practice) as weight-lifting for your brain; as we practice using our [brain] muscles in the correct way we will eventually develop an edge over our opponents. When you come to my office for a session, you can expect to work on your personal relationship with competition and athletic performance. Through questions, discussions, personal reflection and recollection, story telling, and the practice of skills and techniques you can expect to find your path to personal athletic achievement, success and enjoyment.

What you will not encounter at my office is a clinical therapeutic session. Though I am passionate about making sure my clients are happy and healthy, clinical therapy is beyond my professional scope. If you feel like you need to talk to someone about something that falls outside of my scope of practice, I am committed to helping you find the appropriate practitioner. I have a wonderful network of Northern Michigan mental and physical health professionals that are ready to assist in your journey.